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12 pack of our signature Brigadeiros (soft truffles) - select up to 3 flavors.


  • Classic Chocolate – Rich chocolate is blended into sweetened condensed milk to form this classic brigadeiro flavor. It is then rolled in chocolate sprinkles as they traditionally do in Brazil.
  • Dark Chocolate – This brigadeiro is made with 58% Belgian chocolate and rolled into cocoa powder. It’s as if chocolate brigadeiro and a classic truffle went on a date!
  • White Crunch – This sweet, gooey treat is rolled in chocolate crispies that add the perfect crunch to its creamy interior.
  • Coconut – Coconut, which grows in abundance in Brazil, is the highlight of this brigadeiro. Fresh coconut is infused with the creamy condensed milk ball and then it is rolled in shredded coconut to make this classic flavor.
  • Two lovers – This brigadeiro features two classic flavors intertwined as one. Rolled together in sugar, one side features the classic creamy condensed milk flavor and the other is fudgy chocolate.
  • Pistachio – Salty, nutty, creamy, this Brigadeiro is made with salted roasted pistachios and rolled into pistachio pieces for an extra layer of flavor.
  • Dulce De Leche with walnuts – The most caramely of all brigadeiros, it’s rolled into chopped walnuts for perfect balance and crunchiness.

*Contain dairy & may contain nuts

Shelf Life: 7 days refrigerated 

Shipping information:  Ships Tuesday through Wednesday, with UPS 1 day or 2nd day air in insulated packaging. UPS will not deliver on weekend!